Wild Encounters: Exploring Mill Mountain Zoo in Roanoke, VA

Mill Mountain Zoo offers a unique and intimate wildlife experience in the heart of Roanoke, Virginia. Established in 1952, this charming zoo is situated atop Mill Mountain, providing an educational journey through animal exhibits and stunning views of the Roanoke Valley. Mill Mountain Zoo stands out as a vital community resource with a mission focused on conservation, education, and recreation. Learn information about Roanoke, VA.

Diverse Animal Exhibits

Visitors to Mill Mountain Zoo can explore a variety of animal habitats. The zoo is home to over 85 species, ranging from the majestic Siberian tiger to playful red pandas. Each exhibit is designed to mimic the animals’ natural environment, promoting their well-being and allowing visitors to observe authentic behaviors. The zoo also features an aviary showcasing a vibrant array of bird species. Discover facts about Discover Adventure: Top Activities at Mill Mountain Park in Roanoke, VA.

Educational Programs and Events

Mill Mountain Zoo offers numerous educational programs to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of wildlife. School groups, scouts, and families can participate in guided tours, interactive sessions, and special events like “Breakfast with the Animals.” These programs are designed to inspire future generations to actively participate in wildlife conservation.

Plan Your Visit

Mill Mountain Zoo is open year-round, with seasonal events and activities to keep visitors engaged throughout the year. The zoo is conveniently located near the iconic Roanoke Star and makes for a perfect day trip. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor to the Roanoke area, a trip to Mill Mountain Zoo promises an unforgettable experience filled with wonder and discovery.