Road Paving Pros

Richard E Asphalt Paving is a fully-licensed paving company with extensive experience in the asphalt industry. Our paving contractors work with property owners, business owners, and municipal clients to pave reliable, long-lasting asphalt roads in The Roanoke Valley. We never take short cuts, and always follow the best practices for asphalt paving. Our heavy duty equipment, high quality materials, and expertise, guarantee that you will get a great result.

Types of Roads We Pave

Asphalt roads are affordable, durable, safe, and great for a variety of properties. Private drives made from asphalt don’t require as much upkeep and maintenance as gravel roads. If you have a shared private road with neighbors, asphalt roads are a budget-friendly option that is comfortable to drive on. We also work with homeowners associations to pave, resurface, and maintain roads in their communities. Municipal and commercial clients benefit from asphalt roads, as well. They offer high-traction, low-maintenance, hold up to high volumes of traffic, and last for decades.

Benefits of Asphalt Roads

Roads can be made from a variety of materials. Concrete, dirt, gravel, tar and chip, and asphalt. Asphalt is the top choice for most paving projects. This is due to several reasons. Compared to concrete, asphalt has less glare and is more comfortable for driving during bright days. The dark surface of an asphalt road also helps rain evaporate faster, and helps ice and snow melt quicker. Asphalt roads are solid and don’t wash away like dirt and gravel roads are prone to do. Tar and chip is a popular asphalt alternative, and can be a great budget-friendly option. However, asphalt roads are smoother, easier to snow plow, and longer-lasting than chip-seal roads.

Free Estimates on All of Our Services

We offer free, no-hassle, no-obligation quotes. No matter what kind of asphalt project you have coming up, we look forward to discussing it with you and offering a free assessment and quote.

Our paving contractors provide start-to-finish road paving services for parking lots, roads, and driveways. We offer free estimates for all your upcoming community improvement projects. Whether you have a road construction project, want to resurface part of your road, or need some potholes repaired, we can help with it all. Using our years of experience, high-quality materials, and top-of-the-line equipment, we will provide a paving job that looks great and lasts for decades.


Road Construction

Asphalt roads have many layers and each part is important for its longevity and long-term durability. Starting with a sturdy, compacted foundation, our paving contractors install roads that are solid, reliable, and durable. We choose an asphalt mix that will hold up to the type of traffic your road will have. Your finished road will be smooth, have good traction, and stand up to all kinds of weather for many years.



Resurfacing roads is a cost-effective option for extending the life of your road. It saves on time, money, and materials. Only the top layers of the existing road are removed, and then replaced with fresh hot-mix asphalt. Resurfacing restores the smooth surface of worn roads, fixes small cracks and improves the look and feel of roads. Ask us about affordable milling and overlay for your roads.


Road Maintenance

Damaged roads make travel difficult and can be unsafe as well as a cause for extensive damage. Cracks in your road allow water intrusion. This water can travel and cause potholes in other areas of the road. Crack filling and patching potholes are reliable methods of extending the life of your road. We offer repair and maintenance for all kinds of damage and wear & tear that your roads may experience.