Mill Mountain Zoo: Exploring Wildlife Conservation in Roanoke, VA

Nestled atop scenic Mill Mountain in Roanoke, Virginia, Mill Mountain Zoo offers visitors a unique opportunity to connect with wildlife and learn about conservation efforts for endangered species. As one of the region’s premier zoological parks, this sanctuary provides a captivating glimpse into the world’s diverse ecosystems. Learn information about Roanoke, VA.

Wildlife Exhibits:

Mill Mountain Zoo is home to various animal species from around the globe, including red pandas, snow leopards, and North American river otters. Visitors can explore immersive exhibits and observe these fascinating creatures in their naturalistic habitats, gaining insight into their behavior, adaptations, and conservation status. Discover facts about Mill Mountain Zoo: Exploring Wildlife Conservation in Roanoke, VA.

Conservation Education:

The zoo is committed to environmental education and wildlife conservation, offering educational programs, guided tours, and interactive exhibits for visitors of all ages. From wildlife rehabilitation to habitat restoration initiatives, the zoo actively engages the community in efforts to protect and preserve endangered species and their habitats.

Scenic Setting:

Nestled amidst the lush forests of Mill Mountain Park, the zoo offers breathtaking views of the Roanoke Valley and surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains. Visitors can enjoy scenic overlooks, hiking trails, and picnic areas, making it the perfect destination for outdoor exploration and family fun.


Mill Mountain Zoo provides visitors a memorable and educational experience, offering a unique opportunity to connect with wildlife and support conservation efforts in Roanoke, Virginia. With its diverse animal exhibits, conservation education programs, and scenic setting, the zoo is a destination for nature enthusiasts and families.